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Rosco Litepad A New Soft Light LED

 “Cheaper LED Lighting Option From Rosco’s Litepad Technology”

LED technology has been taking the film community by storm, Rosco took this technology to an entirely new direction. The Litepad LED lights are unique in that they are shoot light into the white diffusion material from the side. This creates a creamy soft light source which you can look directly at without wanting to make a sour face lol This means you can bring these lights a lot closer to your talent, and it beautifully lights them up.

Another thing I like about Rosco Litepad Technology is that they are compact, energy efficient, and come in both tungsten and daylight. I generally prefer daylight because it’s the most versatile color temperature that’s able to mixed with sunlight and is still perfect for darker interior shots. You can get these lights in a variety of sizes like 3×6, 3×12, to larger 6 by 12 and 12 by 12 panels.

Now these light sources aren’t exactly cheap, but they are a great deal more affordable then all out LED light panels that cost $600 to a few thousand dollars.

3″x6″  -$138.99

3″x12″  -$188.99

6″x12″ -$359.99

12″x12″ -$474.99

Now these lights are not going to put out a the amount of light as all out LED lights, but it’s that kind of light that you are getting a deal on.  Soft diffused flattering light with you can get really close to your talent or in places you couldn’t put normal light stand or cinema light source.

These lights work especially well in tight confines like a car. Famous cinematographer Shane Hurlbut used these lights in his car scene called “The Ticket” to brighten up his actors enough to get great footage on the new Canon 1-DC DSLR. Even strong mini LED lights can overpower, and this soft diffused LED light source really saves the day when you don’t have room for a conventional light.

Rosco Lab’s Jeff Treanor  Shows You The Entire Line Of LitePad LED Lights.

I really do like this as a cheap(er) alternative to the high priced LED lights. I love the LED lights from flolight, but at $600 plus for a 500 watt equivalent Rosco Litepads are really a great deal. You can actually save up and buy a couple without feeling the pinch too bad. Both offer great light, but Litepads offer a versatility of being able to go where other bulkier lights just are not realistic.

FUN FACT: (You can even plug in your Litepad into a car cigarette socket.)

Olivia From OliviaTech.com Reviews the Rosco Litepads.

As you can see here Rosco Litepads are very portable lights, and can be a great travel light kit for interviews and on the go productions.

Here you can see a 3 point lighting kit using Rosco Litepads:

The Best thing about Litepads in my opinion, is the price!

While still a pretty penny they are a lot cheaper then most professional lighting out there. Kinoflow wants a few thousand dollars for a single light, the cheapest 1k LED light costs 800 dollars for just one and tha’s a bargain for a 1k LED light. For your money you can get a ton of Rosco Litepads that can be used in all kinds of cinema lighting applications.

Light Kits:

Rosco LitePad Digital Shooter’s Kit AX (Daylight) – $2,687

  • LitePad 3″ Circle HO+ Daylight
  • LitePad Axiom 3 x 6″ Daylight
  • LitePad Axiom 3 x 12″ Daylight
  • 3 x LitePad Axiom 12 x 12″ Daylight
  • Dimmers, Light Stands, & Other Accessories.
Rosco LitePad Pro Gaffer’s Kit AX (Daylight) – $3,269
  • 2 x LitePad 3″ Circle HO+ Daylight
  • 2 x LitePad Axiom 3 x 6″ Daylight
  • 2 x LitePad Axiom 3 x 12″ Daylight
  • 2 x LitePad Axiom 6 x 6″ Daylight
  • 2 x LitePad Axiom 6 x 12″ Daylight
  • 2 x LitePad Axiom 12 x 12″ Daylight
  • Dimmers, Light Stands,  Egg Crates & Other Accessories.

LitePad HO+ Everywhere Kit (Daylight / Tungsten) – $3,373.95

  • 3″ Circle HO+ Daylight
  • 3 x 6″ HO+ Daylight
  • 3 x 12″ HO+ Daylight
  • 6 x 6″ HO+ Daylight
  • 6 x 12″ HO+ Daylight
  • 12 x 12″ HO+ Daylight
  • 3″ Circle HO+ Tungsten
  • 3×6 HO+ Tungsten
  • 3 x 12″ HO+ Tungsten
  • 6 x 6″ HO+ Tungsten
  • 6 x 12″ HO+ Tungsten
  • 12 x 12″ HO+ Tungsten
  • Cables, Stands, Dimmers, & Accessories

In Conclusion:

Rosco Litepad LED Lights are a great portable lighting solution, and is definitely something to put on the dream list for lighting gear. It’s cheap enough where you can build up your kit over time, and offers enough value to justify forking up the cash for an entire lighting kit.  The light is very flattering and will never make your actors squint or feel uncomfortable when the lights are close or directly in front of the eyes. The portability and a ease of putting these lights in tight or inconspicuous places is paramount and why I recommend them so much.

Rosco Litepads let you accomplished what larger more conventional lights can’t. 

By going in tight places, by being portable enough to use in a car filming environment. And having a travel ready portable 3 point lighting kit with fits into a single box with a few lights to spare. So definitely give these lights a look, they are great individually, and even more so as a kit.

2 Responses to Rosco Litepad A New Soft Light LED

  1. Ian Pack Reply

    February 25, 2013 at 11:55 am

    I’ve been using Rosco’s Litepads for 3 years now, both for moving and still image. My basic kit is a 4 “head” kit which fits in a Think Tank Photo Artificial Intelligence 17 V2 laptop bag! In the bag I have 2 off 6″x12, 1 off 12″ x 12″ and a 3″ circular Litepad HO, complete with mains power supply, splitter leads, extension leads, car battery adaptor and AA cell power packs.

    The Rosco Litepad is a great tool as it doesn’t blind the talent like direct lights, compact in use and transit and can be powered from batteries, great if like me you spend much of your time on location.

  2. Ralph Reply

    March 9, 2014 at 3:47 pm

    Do your litepads generate a green tint?

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